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Building a wooden swing set.Pros'/Con's of-Carriage bolts vs. Nails..Pressure Treated vs. Kiln Dry wood.HELP..

I am building a wood structure play/swing set. It is a 5 ft. sq. 'fort' that has a slide,ladder,rockwall and canopy.(Normal wood set). It also has the 4x6 beam out sideways that supports 2-3 swings..etc.. held up by A frame at the end.


I'm using 4x4 as posts, bottom is 2x8 (sandbox)rest 2x4/2x6..

CALLS FOR 60 5/16';X5'; Carriage bolts (GALV.) says I can use 16 d nails(Galv) ?

ANY PRO's/CONS's ON BOLTS vs. NAILS ??...........

ANY PRO's / CON's on pressure treated vs. kiln dryed wood...


I WILL USE P.T.for the Structure/Fort =4x4x8,,and Swing Beam=4x6x10 and A-Frame at end...BUT ..the rest ???

AREA is BALTIMORE..Hot/Humid Summer,Cold Snow?-Winter...using H.Dpt. for wood supply?


THANKS..GO O's..Building a wooden swing set.Pros'/Con's of-Carriage bolts vs. Nails..Pressure Treated vs. Kiln Dry wood.HELP..
As stated, NO NAILS, and no matter the species, or pre treatments, all wood outdoors needs re-treating at some reg. intervals. I'd even look at Red Wood, etc. over treated Pine/Spruce. For decking I might even go TREX or another composite

Nails cannot be retightened and just the action of using the structure will cause sway/shift, etc. over time.

The description sounds fine, and no matter who you buy lumber from, I'd hand pick EVERY piece.

Steven Wolf

AKA: The Deck Doc

Just my 2 ';sense';Building a wooden swing set.Pros'/Con's of-Carriage bolts vs. Nails..Pressure Treated vs. Kiln Dry wood.HELP..
Don't use nails.

They ';shimmy'; out , and cause a hazard .

Bolts will last.

I'd use pressure treated with poly urethane finish.
I would use both nails and bolts, depending on the application. For overhead supports that the swing attaches to, use the carriage bolts but you can initially hang the support with a nail. For the sandbox I would use only nails. However, all nails should be twist shank or ring shank to prevent their working out. The carriage bolts should be used wherever you need strength for support and safety. The wood should definitely be treated. Good luck.
for anything that is supporting weight and taking constant abuse you need to use the carriage bolts, they want work free. I would also go with the pressure treated wood. The new treated wood is treated with sodium something (i cant remember the word now for the life of me), Basically it is salt treated, instead of arsenic treated. However the eye protection is still a good idea when cutting it as the salt will burn like crazy if it gets into your eye.
use the carrage bolts and pressure treated lumber

i built a swingset with these in 94 my kid outgrew it . we disassembled it and moved it to my brothers and his kids are still using it the frame has outasted swings that were origonly hunng on it
Bolts allow you to disassemble it and move it to a new location, and are easy to inspect yearly and tighten if required.

Pressure treated is usually green, and contains arsenic. Wear breathing protection when cutting, and I wouldn't want my kids touching it, breathing it after the fact.

I built a kit last year made by ';'; Quoting their web page:


Cedar, Redwood, and Cunninghamia are also naturally decay resistant, which means they do not have to be treated with possibly toxic chemicals to last for years outdoors.


I live near Toronto, Canada, so we get hot humid summers and a couple feet of snow in winter too. Fort is doing well.
Don't use nails, they will work loose.

Stick with the carriage bolts. A little loc-tite should keep them from working loose. And even if they do, simply tighten them up.

Pressure treated wood is more weather resistant.

Acrylic vs gel nails, which one is better? what are the pros and cons of each?

Gel nails do not yellow like acrylic ones do overtime. If you have regular acryics, the white tipe can turn yellow, but it you get them filled, then they file off the yellowed part. Gel nails also do not stain by UV light, lke tanning beds. They are also more expensive. I got gel nails just to try them, and i just like the regular acrylic ones better and I get them backfilled just like they do for gel nails.Acrylic vs gel nails, which one is better? what are the pros and cons of each?
Natural nails are really the best. Gel and acrylic, even when well cared for, always look tacky.Acrylic vs gel nails, which one is better? what are the pros and cons of each?
i heard one of them makes ur nails yellow. but i will get back to u on that.

What are the pros and cons of gel nails? what about having them taken off? any info about gel nails??

thanks!What are the pros and cons of gel nails? what about having them taken off? any info about gel nails??
If you are going to get your nails done, get the gel nails. They are much more better than the acrylic.What are the pros and cons of gel nails? what about having them taken off? any info about gel nails??
acrylic is really bad on your nails, they can't 'breathe' i woudl say get the silk wraps.. the nail salon doesn't bore into your natural nail like they would when they are filing the acrylic ones.. as for gell just be careful in the applicatino!
gel nails are good because you can get them french and if you want to paint over them to match an out fit you can do it yourself nad then take it off the next day and still have pretty french nails. they cost a little more than acryllic ones but they are better. Personally i like solar nails the best, they never get yellow like acryllic ones especially if you go tanning!
When I get my nails done I always get gel nails. They look really great. But... there is a huge downside. If you are planning on going back every other week to get them filled in, then they are totally worth it. If you aren't, they SUCK after a few days. They start chipping around the cuticles and there is NO easy way to take all of them off at once. For a while you will have chipped and missing nails. One other small thing that doesn't really bother me but you may want to know is that once your real nail grows back out it will have a ridge in it. I was told about a nail remover that is supposed to take them off if you soak them for a while... It didn't work at all, only made it worse.

But, even knowing all this, i still get gel nails when I have a special occasion because they look great. As long as your willing to pay the price for the next two weeks.

Good luck! Hope I helped.
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  • Pros and Cons Acrylic nails?

    First of all, How do you remove them properly?!?!? And how damaging are they? I want to weigh out the pros and cons.Pros and Cons Acrylic nails?
    pros they are very hard, dont break as easily as the gel nail.

    cons, SOME people have problems with them, ruin their nails permanently, but thats only some people, not a high percentage, i've had them for years, no problem.

    to remove, you should go back to salon, thats the SAFEST way to remove, many people try and take off themselves, and they end up really doing damage, its worth the 10 bucks to have them do it.Pros and Cons Acrylic nails?

    They look elegant on everyone, especially if you get the plain french tips in a square style.

    They make all fingers look long and skinny.

    They are usually reasonably priced and last for a long time, if you get them filled.


    They hurt like a b**** to get off

    They break easily if they're not done right

    They make your nails weak and ugly when you take them off.

    How to get them off:

    Go to the salon and ask them to remove them.

    If you don't want to do that, soak them in nail polish and gently pull them off.

    I'd suggest salon help though.
    you remove them using a chemical called acetone and by clipping away at the edges of the acrylic

    i wouldn't advise you to get them because they destroy your real nail and it can hurt loads if u break them.

    if you're thinking of getting them because u bite your nails it wont stop you from doin this either, it'll just become more of an expensive habit lol

    i really didnt get on with them and it took me about a year to get my nails looking nice after i stopped having them done.

    im sure some people are fine with them tho, might just be my experience.

    if its just for a one off event the glue on nails are good enough, just make sure ur nails have no oil on them before you apply them so they stick properly
    you can go to the salon and they will remove them for like 5$ or you can soak your nails in aceton and take them off yourself.

    Con-the entire top layer of you real nail is taken off so when you remove them they look unhealthy and gross.


    Pro-really pretty!

    Pro-you can change the color tips and get cute designs and sparkles!

    If you have the money to maintain them then go for it!

    If not you will have them for three weeks and then have ugly damaged nails :(;_ylt=Ao62JX33O6AyD88eq_1e2p3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080521140928AAc6KRj
    pros: theyre pretty!!!!!!!

    cons: they brake easily

    Pros and cons of getting fake nails put on at a salon?

    Pro - attractive to some people

    Con - fungus risk, expensive, looks bad after a week, time consuming, can look cheapPros and cons of getting fake nails put on at a salon?
    i have solar nails. i have white tips with sparkles. they last longer and they dont have to file your nails down as much. they wont rip off as easily... but can be easily soaked off with acetone.

    but with the other kind of nails:

    I love the fact that every day they look good with no help at all from me. I could never file nails that well. Sometimes a fungus could get underneath the nail but that doesn't happen often. I've had my nails done for the last 7 years and it's never happened. I love them.Pros and cons of getting fake nails put on at a salon?
    pros: looks awesome!

    cons: expensive to maintain, hurts like hell when they break off, makes you real nails awful (weak, thin, brittle...nasty) when they eventually do come off

    they look nice and professional

    its relaxing to just sit there and have someone do your nails:p


    they can destory your nail underneath. but you can prevent that by putting on nail harder + taking care of them after you get them off.

    Nailpolish stays on better

    Looks nice and professional

    Nails don't break as easily


    Expense and upkeep

    Makes nails underneath weak when you decide to remove them
    Pro: looks nice

    Con: gets expensive

    I know that acrylic nails have some cons but i wanna no some pros?

    i have herd all of the bad stuff i wanna no some good things thanx:)I know that acrylic nails have some cons but i wanna no some pros?
    They hold the polish better than real nails cause there is no oil coming off of them like your natural nails. They are way stronger than natural nails. I've had them for years because i used to bite my nails and that was the only way I could have nice looking nails.

    Acrylic nails, yes/no, pros/cons?

    what do you think?Acrylic nails, yes/no, pros/cons?

    Acrylic nails cost time %26amp; money to maintain - you need to have them filled as your nails grow out.

    Acrylics can lift away from your own nail. Moisture, bacteria %26amp; fungus can collect leading to an infection.

    Your natural nails will have to be filed down before the acrylic is applied. Once you stop wearing acrylics, your natural nails will be thin %26amp; weak. It will take a while for the damaged nail to grow out.Acrylic nails, yes/no, pros/cons?
    i got acrylic nails and theyre really pretty, but your nails can't breath so when they come off, and when they do it really hurts, your nails are really really ugly and thin so they get really short and it takes a really long time to make them look normal again. my advice would be not to get them just get a manicure.

    *fungus under nails is likely

    *falls off

    *destorys cuticuls

    *Allergic reaction



    *pretty nail designs

    *longer nails

    *spohisticated look
    No, No, 1,000 times no - it's not worth the money and the damage to your natural nails - if you have problem nails, rub nightly (I do it while watching TV) with Hoofers Choice nail cream and always, even if they are short, keep them polished. I had acrylic nails for over ten years and it took me two years to finally get back to strong healthy nails -
    They are obvious. They are fake. Fake is ugly. I like natural. I think its a sucker market. The money saved could buy at least one article of clothing a month, or saved for a few months and spent on a tangible item.

    In fact, I dont know what I would rather do, pay for an acrylic manicure, or just set fire to the cash.
    i get ones from a drugstore if i don't feel like manicuring myself

    i wouldn't get them done at a salon though, my mom does and her nails look terrible without the fake nails

    Ive had my acrylics on for awhile and took them off about 2 months ago. I still have nasty imprints on my nails from them. The first 3 weeks without them my nails were brittle and damaged. And I still have small pieces of acrylic stuck on my nails. As pretty as they look on .. its not worth it. Go natural!